Leveling Up As a Woman in 10 Necessary Steps

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More and more women are starting to see the power they have to change their lives and they are all choosing to level up. And I know you want to do it too. Leveling up as a woman tends to differ from leveling up as a man because women face unique challenges and expectations and also want different things from their lives.

Of course, every individual woman is different too and your leveling up journey won’t look the same as someone else’s. You need to recognize your specific weaknesses and choose what you want your life to be like.

In this blog post, I will talk about ten important things you have to take into account when you level up. If you embrace these changes and apply them to your life without holding back, a lot will change in a very short time.

1. Drop society’s expectations

First and foremost, you need to forget what society tells you to do. Everywhere you go, you hear how you’re supposed to have a normal job, a normal relationship, and a nice, middle-class home. You’re told to just be happy with what you have and how you look like. And when you start approaching 30, you will see more and more babies on social media, whether you want to see them or not.

Society has a very specific idea of what a woman should be like and what kind of life you should build for yourself. It definitely isn’t easy to drop these expectations since you have been surrounded by them all your life.

But to level up, you have to choose your own journey. You have to know what it is that you want and what are the things that society wants you to want. It’s really important that you know the difference.

Choosing the life you want is what makes you happy, having society’s approval doesn’t. Take some time to think about how society influences you so that you know what are the things you yourself actually want and what aren’t.

2. Drop friends’ and family’s expectations

It’s not just society’s expectations that affect you, but your friends’ and family’s too. Their opinions and comments can matter even more to you and it can be extremely hard to do something that you know your parents and closest friends don’t approve of.

But no matter how hard it is, you have to do what is right for you. This is your life, not theirs. You can’t just waste it living someone else’s life.

There might be some things that all your friends are doing and you might think that that’s what you want to do too. Perhaps everyone else is in the process of buying or building a house and you think it sure would be nice to have a pretty house to call your own.

But is it really what you want? If you want to be free and for example live in many different countries or constantly be on the go, you have more important things to do than buying a house. You need to be able to differentiate your goals and dreams from those of your friends.

Also, you have to be able to do what you want to do with your life even when your family and relatives are unhappy or disappointed with your choices. It might mean some difficult conversations and awkward family dinners sometimes, but it is the right thing to do.

3. Look the way you want

Looks aren’t everything, but they do matter. I grew up being told repeatedly that you are good just the way you are and it doesn’t make sense to spend much time on your looks. While this is sweet, what really matters is how you feel. I never felt good wearing just any clothes.

If you have always secretly wanted to be a girly girl or wear expensive clothes, that’s what you should do.

No matter how often we repeat that looks don’t matter, the truth is that people will treat you differently based on how you look. Use this to your advantage and make sure you look like the person you want to be. If you want to attract high-level people, the cheapest H&M clothes are hardly going to cut it.

It’s still important that you find your own style and don’t just dress to impress. You are supposed to feel like yourself, not like a complete stranger.

4. Surround yourself with the right women

It doesn’t get said enough, but women are wonderful. Having the right women in your life will make a world of difference.

By the right women, I do mean your friends, but also everyone else that has an impact on you. Strangers you follow on Instagram, the famous people you look up to, your roommates, your neighbors, and the people you sit next to in class all matter.

If you’ve just started taking a dance class, but many of the people there seem very negative or complain a lot, you’d better find another class. Surround yourself with women who are positive, ambitious, supportive, and have a growth mindset.

You yourself have to decide who exactly is right for you and what kind of people you want to spend time with. But choose carefully because the people in your life make a huge difference.

5. Be unapologetically you

People will always have opinions and you will probably face a lot of criticism if you choose to live a very unconventional life. Don’t be afraid of this. Instead, let it make you stronger.

You weren’t born to please anyone else. You were born to figure out who you want to be and then be that very person, unapologetically.

Sometimes you will make mistakes or realize that whatever you were trying to pursue isn’t for you after all. That’s just fine. Never be ashamed of who you are or what you do. You are awesome just the way you are and you have every right to be who you want to be.

6. Recognize bad influences

We are all being influenced all the time. Some of that influence is positive, but some of it is bad. You need to recognize all the negative and harmful energy around you so that you can choose to ignore it or replace it with positive energy whenever you can.

Any kind of influence that makes you feel less than or that the world is a bad and unfair place is something you need to avoid. Pessimism doesn’t help you and neither does hearing the same old expectations from your family or society over and over again.

You need to learn to notice whenever your own thoughts or something you read in a magazine is negative and doesn’t help you. This way you protect yourself and you don’t internalize the wrong messages.

7. Find the right advice

Leveling up as a woman is a lot of work and it’s a life-long process. There will always be something more to learn and something new to go after.

To figure it all out, you have to find the right advice and have the right teachers. This will help you grow faster and avoid some mistakes along the way.

When you’re leveling up, you have to always be on the lookout for more information and try to understand life better. Spend time trying to find the best blogs, podcasts, Youtube channels, books, and friends. Make sure that you don’t use Instagram just for entertainment, but also for learning.

You need to find the best advice that actually helps you. Don’t be content with the easiest tips and tricks you find. Listen to people who tell you what you really need to do, even if you don’t want to hear it.

8. Change your mindset

It’s not easy to have an actually good mindset because we are hardwired to look for problems and be worried about things. Not to mention that everything around us affects us a lot.

A big part of leveling up is working on your mindset and your attitude. There are many things you need to internalize to be able to go full speed ahead and be your best self.

You need to understand that you are worthy of change and all the good things that will come to you. Even if you feel old sometimes, you are not behind in life and it’s not too late to go after every single one of your dreams. You can make it all happen and you can be exactly the person you want to be.

It’s time to let go of the idea that life is too hard and the reason you aren’t living your dream life is that you’re not lucky enough or you were born in the wrong place. People aren’t against you, the world will offer you all the opportunities that you are willing to work for and you will find your crowd.

9. Focus on quality things

Leveling up isn’t just about the inner work, other things matter too. I know you want your life to look different and that is definitely something you need to work on too.

We’ve already covered the fact that how you look does matter. But when you are working to get your life to the next level, you want to make sure that whenever you buy something, you buy good quality things that make you feel better and will last a long time.

If you are for example in the process of updating your wardrobe, it’s best to invest a little more money in some timeless pieces that both look great and will last for a long time.

If you always buy cheap clothes, they’re only going to look good for a couple of months. After that, you will always feel bad about having to wear dingy clothes that don’t really even make you look like the high-level woman that you want to be.

10. Exercise

When people talk about leveling up, they usually talk about careers and relationships and possibly your attitude. All important things, but they are not enough. You have to level up in all areas of your life.

To have the energy to work hard and be your best self every day, you need to take care of your body. It goes without saying that you need to sleep enough and eat well, but way too many young people overlook the importance of exercise.

You need to exercise not just to make your doctor happy, but to make this day better. If you start your day with a workout or a long walk, it will be easier for you to focus on your work, feel good about yourself and be more productive. I’ve heard many people say that simply going for daily walks has improved their life tremendously.

Go and find some ways to exercise that make you happy. Not everyone likes going to the gym and that’s ok. You might prefer swimming or orienteering and if that’s the case, that’s what you should do. Just make sure that you move your body every day.


If you truly want to level up as a woman and change your life for good, there are many changes you need to make and most of them won’t be easy. This doesn’t mean that your journey to becoming a leveled up woman would be just agony or that everything would be difficult either.

The more you do something, the easier it becomes. Waking up earlier or speaking louder might be hard at first, but over time these things will be your second nature. Just keep going and one day you will be unrecognizable.

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What do you think is the hardest part of leveling up? Have you had any big victories yet? I’d love to know!

Now, go out and work harder than ever to change your life!

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