The Best 30-Day Confidence Challenge 

30 Day confidence challenge

If you struggle with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, you need to take my 30-day confidence challenge! It will help you leave your self-doubt behind and become the best version of yourself. 

This confidence challenge features some powerful techniques that will help you do more, be more, and stop holding yourself back. Consider this the first step on your journey to becoming your dream self! 

This challenge is not too difficult to complete, but it helps you step out of your comfort zone a little and push you to become more confident. If you want, I have a free download at the end of this post in case you want to print this challenge and have easy access to it every day. The best way to get started is to read through this list so that you know what to expect and then make a simple plan for this month to make sure that you will have time to do each day’s task.

Oh and one more thing: repetition is always good and it would definitely be a good idea to do this challenge more than once. That way personal growth will become a constant part of your life.

Why 30-day challenges are super useful in personal growth

Monthly challenges are an effective way to push you out of your comfort zone and force you to grow. If you commit to completing the tasks every single day, you are likely going to see a huge difference in your life by the end of the challenge.

Naturally, you have to take the challenge seriously and not just do the bare minimum. It’s also good to keep in mind that people tend to be motivated in the beginning and lose interest after a while, leading them to give up and believe that changing their lives is too hard.

But you are different. You have what it takes to complete this 30-day self-confidence challenge. And after completing this challenge, you will be more confident and eager to continue your journey to becoming your dream self.

30-day confidence challenge step-by-step

Now let’s get to the challenge itself. First of all, make sure that you remember to complete each day’s task. You can set a reminder on your phone or print this list and put it somewhere where you can see it. Some days will be easier than others, but always keep in mind that you are doing this for yourself, and stepping out of your comfort zone is what helps you grow. 

Day 1: List 10 things you are good at 

There are many wonderful things about you and you should acknowledge them. Today’s simple task is to list 10 things you’re good at. Saying good things about yourself will boost your confidence and later on this list can be a good reminder on days when you’re not feeling confident.

Day 2: Mirror exercise 

Talking to yourself is honestly a good thing. This time I want you to sit in front of a mirror and discuss your feelings about confidence, things that happened in the past that affect how you feel about yourself, and why you think you don’t feel confident. The mirror helps you to really face yourself and rationalize your thoughts and feelings because it feels a little like you are talking to someone else. 

Take your time with this exercise, the longer you talk, the more you will discover.

Day 3: Start a new habit 

Proving to yourself that you can stick to new habits will help you build your confidence. And healthy habits are always a good idea anyway. Choose which habit you want to start and make it a part of your daily routine so that you’ll know when you’re supposed to do it.

Day 4: Ask your friends and family what they consider your best qualities

There are many reasons why your friends and family love you, but they probably don’t often say those things out loud. Sit down with your best friend, sister, or anyone else who knows you well and ask them what they think are your best qualities. They might mention things you’ve never even considered! 

Day 5: Acknowledge your achievements 

Even if you don’t notice it, you actually do things worth celebrating all the time. Perhaps you’re quite shy on the phone, but you still make that dentist appointment. Or you don’t feel like doing anything, but you still vacuum because today is cleaning day. Or you put your phone away at 7 pm and don’t touch it anymore that evening. These are all little achievements worth acknowledging.

Do something to acknowledge your achievement whenever you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone. You can for example give yourself some applause or have a bag of your favorite nuts at hand and eat a couple of them. This might sound silly, but trust me, it will make you feel better. Over time, doing this will both boost your confidence and encourage you to keep doing the same thing.

Day 6: List things that prove you are confident 

Perhaps you aren’t Captain Confident yet, but you’re making progress. One effective way to make you feel better about yourself is to list the things that prove you are confident. These can be things that you’ve done that took courage or that prove you don’t always pick the easiest option.

Think about how other people would see you. Maybe you presented an idea in a meeting or decided to try a new hairstyle. Those things take confidence.

Day 7: Take a week off social media

Social media can be fun and inspiring, but it can also affect you negatively and make you feel worse about yourself. That’s why I think a little social media detox is a good idea every now and then. Take the next seven days off social media and see what positive change it makes in your mood and how you start focusing on the present moment more. 

Day 8: Describe your confident future self

Today your task is to imagine what your future self will be like. Take some pen and paper and list things your confident future self will do, how they will act, and how they will feel about themselves. This gives you a better idea of what you are going towards and who you want to be.

Day 9: Use power poses 

Power poses are specific body postures that will help you feel more confident. This is a very simple way to quickly make yourself feel ready to do something intimidating. Start using power poses on a daily basis and see what happens!

Day 10: Make a vision board

Vision boards are a powerful tool and I absolutely love making them. This time I want you to make a vision board that features your future self. This will help you visualize some of the things you listed on day 8, but it will also make you come up with new ideas and make the whole concept of your future self more real. You can either make your vision board on paper or for example simply use Canva.

Day 11: Describe yourself in 3rd person 

It can be easier to say nice things about someone else, and that’s what we take advantage of today. Today’s exercise is to describe yourself, your life, and your achievements like you were talking about someone else.

Talk to an imaginary listener or a close friend you want to do this exercise with and describe yourself in 3rd person. This can help you understand your strengths better and it can also help you notice that some of the things you’ve done are quite impressive.

Day 12: Go for a walk and move to music at the same

Today we’ll practice not caring about what other people think. This is one of the most important lessons to learn when it comes to confidence. It’s important that you feel good in your own skin and focus on your own thing. This exercise is a very simple way to stop taking yourself too seriously.

Go for a walk with your headphones on, listen to something that makes you want to dance, and then let yourself move to the music. You’re the main character now, just let yourself be happy and enjoy the music!

Day 13: List 10 victories from the past year 

We’re back to acknowledging our achievements, but this time we are looking for slightly bigger things. Write a list of your 10 biggest victories from the past year. Maybe you did something that took a lot of courage or maybe you managed to get yourself out of some difficult situations. Either way, it belongs to the list!

Day 14: Start a new hobby

Today’s task is a fun one! It’s time to start a new hobby! New things can be intimidating, but doing them will also show you that trying something new isn’t dangerous and you can do well in things you haven’t done before. Pick a hobby that pushes you out of your comfort zone, at least a little. This can be a dance course, jogging, or creating a Youtube channel, whatever excites you the most.

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Day 15: Take a video of yourself

This can be a really interesting thing to do. Place your phone somewhere where it can capture the whole room and then record yourself doing your daily tasks or for example working on your computer. Try to forget that you’re in front of a camera and simply do what you would normally do.

Even a short video will show your posture and body language. You might notice that you don’t keep your back straight or that you tend to fidget a lot. These things can go hand in hand with not feeling confident, so if this is something you do, start paying more attention to it so that you can fix it.  

Day 16: Ask someone you admire for coffee or lunch 

Today’s task is to invite someone you admire for coffee or for lunch. It could be someone working in your field or someone you have been following on Instagram for a while. It’s good if you feel nervous about this because that means that you are doing something big that will help you get forward. 

This is the perfect opportunity to really push yourself and that’s something you need to do if you want to reach your maximum potential.

Day 17: Write a short story about yourself

Today’s exercise is a fun one. You need to write a short story about yourself where you exhibit confidence. It can be about you solving a difficult situation or it can be about a situation that happened in the past where you wish you would have been more assertive or spoken up.

Don’t hold yourself back here because this story is only for you and its purpose is to help you start seeing yourself in a different light.

Day 18: Say 15 good things about your body 

A lot of people struggle with their body image and it naturally can affect their confidence. So, today your task is to list 15 positive things about your body. It might sound like a big number, but I want you to take this seriously. If one of the main reasons that you don’t feel confident is how you feel about your body, this is especially important.

Day 19: Surround yourself with the right people

I always talk about this, but surrounding yourself with people who help you grow and feel good about yourself is extremely important. You want to have confident people who motivate and inspire you in your life. Pessimistic and negative people will just make you feel like there’s no point in even trying to change your life.

When you meet a new person, you might end up learning new things or even discover a new way to see the world. But what really matters is that the people around you support you and help you reach the next level of your life.

Use this day to think about your current friends and the people you spend time with. Do they make your life better? Also, I want you to come up with a few ideas for making new connections. Where do you think the kind of people you want to hang out with are?  

Day 20: Do something you’ve been scared to do 

Have you ever heard the Jack Canfield quote “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”? It’s one of my favorite quotes.

Today I want you to do, or come up with a plan to do, something that scares you. It can be public speaking, telling something to your family, or booking your first solo trip. In any case, I guarantee this is exactly the kind of thing that will help you become more confident.

Day 21: List your values

Knowing who you are at heart will help you build your confidence. Think about your personal values and principles, and write them down. You can think about values related to treating others, work life, family, society, or anything else that comes to your mind.

Day 22: Go through your closet 

How you dress matters. If you wear clothes that don’t fit you well or that are old and dingy, you’re probably not going to feel like you can take on the world.

Go through your closet and donate or throw away clothes that you don’t need or aren’t usable anymore. After that, you can buy some new pieces that make you feel better.

Try to put together an outfit that makes you feel extra good. Having a favorite outfit to wear will be useful whenever you need to feel extra confident. Updating your wardrobe is a great way to upgrade your life as well.

Day 23: Start a simple exercise routine

I think regular exercise is a wonderful way to show yourself that you can stick to your goals and exert yourself. You can do things that make you uncomfortable. It’s a really important lesson to learn!

Start a simple, easy-to-follow exercise routine. It can be 5 minutes long, as long as it’s a bit of a challenge for you and you actually stick to it. This doesn’t have to be something you do every single day, as long as you do it regularly. It’s good for your physical health, but it’s beneficial for your mind and stress levels too.

Day 24: Replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts

Negative self-talk is a common problem and it heavily affects your mood and how you see yourself. Thinking that you can’t do something or being mean to yourself doesn’t help you in any way.

Practice recognizing the negative thoughts you have and start fostering positive self-talk. It can take a while to remember to pay attention to your random thoughts, but it will pay off.

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Day 25: Start using affirmations 

If you haven’t tried positive affirmations before, now is the time. In a nutshell, they are easy-to-remember positive sentences that you recite to yourself. They are used to build a better mindset and they are great at replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones.

You can look for a few affirmations here. Write them down and start using them on a regular basis to keep those negative inner voices at bay.

Day 26: Set higher standards for yourself

If you have low confidence, there’s a good chance you tend to have low standards as well. This could mean accepting low-effort behavior from partners and friends, settling for a life that doesn’t make you happy, or never doing your best at anything because your standards for yourself are so low.

Take some time to think about what kind of standards you want to set for yourself, your life, and the people you accept into your life. Are you for example fine with being friends with people who are often late or who never reach out to you first?

And the best part is that as you set higher standards, you’re also automatically leveling up your life!

Day 27: Go talk to strangers 

This can take some guts, but that’s why it will increase your confidence. Challenge yourself to go talk to some strangers, either at social events or in any other situation where it’s natural to go strike up a conversation.

Building self-confidence isn’t always easy, but as you get more comfortable doing this, the easier your life will be.

Day 28: Practice saying no 

Do you often have a tough time saying no? Do you tend to say yes to things you don’t want to do? Let’s change it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you have every right to say no. It’s not your responsibility to make other people happy or protect them from small disappointments.

You can practice saying no by picturing situations in which you are asked to do something you don’t want to do and then come up with possible answers. This will also help you build your social confidence.

Day 29: Set a big goal for yourself 

Setting goals is a good way to increase your self-confidence, provided that you don’t give up on them of course. Even a small goal will help, but today I want you to set a big goal for yourself. Something that you’ve dreamed of for a long time.

One reason people settle for lives that don’t make them happy is that they don’t believe in themselves. Show yourself that you actually trust your ability to make things happen by setting that goal. You don’t have to start working on the goal today if that’s not possible but do at least set a start date or draft a plan.

You can increase your chances of actually reaching that goal by writing it down, sharing it with a close friend, and setting targets for yourself.

Day 30: Go to a restaurant alone 

It’s the last day of the confidence challenge! Today I want you to go to a restaurant alone. For some people this might be fairly easy, but there are many people out there who don’t feel comfortable doing things like this by themselves.

If you for some reason can’t go to a restaurant, go to a coffee shop, but do make it a little bit challenging for yourself somehow. These kinds of things can really increase your level of confidence if it’s something you don’t normally do.

It’s also a little celebration since you actually made it to day 30!

Free 30-day confidence challenge printable

If you want to print this 30-day confidence challenge, you of course can! Here is a free printable that you can use to keep up with the challenge! Download the US letter size version here and the A4 version here!

Final thoughts on this 30-day challenge

New challenges are always fun if you ask me. This 30 day self-confidence challenge will help you become a more confident person if you take it seriously and actually complete it. The most important thing is that you constantly look for ways to improve and don’t give up when things get tough.

I hope this challenge helps you a lot and that you start believing in yourself and your abilities more. At the end of the day, the best way to show yourself that you can do something is to simply go and do it.

Building your confidence is a lifelong journey, but I hope this challenge gives you a strong start. The next step could be to take a harder confidence challenge or simply regularly do things that scare you a little. You could even get a confidence coach for yourself!

Let me know what you think about this challenge and how you feel about it. I’d love to get some feedback!

And if you want to do even more for your personal growth, I have quite a few monthly goal ideas for you!


  1. I’ve been following your advice for around 1 year now, and this is all incredibly helpful for me. I had absolutely no clue about how to set goals. I don’t know how you are able to offer this all for free, but I want to thank you because I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without your help.

    1. That’s so lovely to hear! Nice to know that you find my content useful 🙂 Let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like me to cover!

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