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8 Fun and Useful Fall Goals to Start Today

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It’s always a good idea to set new goals for yourself if you ask me. Even the small goals will always benefit you somehow and they will teach you that you are someone who can achieve the goals you set for yourself. Fall goals are a fun way to improve your confidence and do something that you’ve probably been meaning to do anyway.

Go through this list of ideas for fall goals and pick one or two goals to pursue. Of course, if you’re feeling very ambitious, you can choose to do all of them. Or come up with your own fall goals!

1. Start a writing project

Fall and winter are a great time to be comfortably inside, so it’s easier to find time to sit at home and focus on your own projects. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, starting a blog, or writing poems, now is your time.

You don’t necessarily need to commit a lot of time to this per day. Even 15 minutes a day will bring steady progress. If you have been wanting to start a writing project but you have been putting it off or you feel like you don’t have what it takes, now is the time to forget about your doubts and just get started.

2. Daily steps

It’s best to start the healthy habits while you’re young. Most of us sit way too much and it comes with a price. One thing I recommend you do is to start going for daily walks. Many people set 10 000 steps per day as a target, but according to research 5000 to 7500 steps is enough to reap the health benefits.

5000 steps takes only about 50 minutes of your time. This is a perfect chance to listen to some fun podcasts or maybe an educational audiobook.

3. Read a book per week

Fall is the perfect time for bundling up with a big mug of tea or hot chocolate (and maybe some snacks) and getting lost in books. Reading has many proven benefits and it’s a wonderful way to relax and forget about the rest of the world for a while.

Set a goal of reading one book per week to get started and to make sure that you won’t end up with a big pile of unread books like most people.

4. Start a new hobby

It’s always exciting to start a new hobby! Have you ever wanted to learn to dance salsa or sew your own clothes or ride a horse? Sign up for a beginner’s course or get the tips you need from Youtube. You could discover a whole new side of yourself and learn some useful skills!

If you are on a tighter budget, there are plenty of free or very cheap hobbies to choose from. You can for example try Geocaching, watercolor painting, or volunteering.

5. Learn photography

Photography is always a useful skill, especially if you’ve ever wanted to become any kind of content creator. Whether you want to become a blogger, a Youtuber, or an Instagram influencer, camera skills are a must.

Many people simply want to learn to take better pictures even if they are not planning on publishing any of them, and that’s great too. You can get started by looking for some useful tips online or even signing up for a photography course.

6. Learn new recipes

Healthy eating is a must, especially if you want to have the energy to work hard and have the minimum amount of sick days. It might be hard to get started, especially if you feel like you should overhaul your whole diet.

You don’t need to worry though, there’s no need to change everything all at once. You can start by learning a few new recipes that sound good and easy enough. Of course, you don’t have to learn only healthy recipes if you don’t want to, just choose anything that sounds delicious to you!

7. Start journaling

I love journaling, it’s such a lovely way to record your thoughts and memories. It does have other benefits too though: it can help reduce stress, declutter your brain and motivate you to go after your goals.

If you haven’t journaled before, you get to start by buying a beautiful new journal! Also, you don’t necessarily need to write in your journal every day. You can just write when something meaningful happens or if you have something on your mind – or simply because you feel like it right now.

8. Meet new people and network

The people you have in your life make all the difference. If you are not happy with the number of friends you have or you want to meet some new people, make some effort to go to new places and make some new friends.

If you specifically want to network and make more career-related connections, now’s the season. Look for events in your city or start some new hobbies. Maybe you could even find new acquaintances online.


What fall goals are you going to set? What other plans do you have for this fall? Share your answers in the comments!

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