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12 Meaningful February Goals to Improve Your Life

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If you ask me, February is the perfect month to focus on work and self-development. It’s still cold and there typically aren’t any special events in sight. That’s why your February goals should be focused on learning new skills and taking your life to the next level.

Setting monthly goals is a great way to develop your skills and advance your goals. Four weeks may sound like a short time to try to change your life in any way, but you’d be surprised by how much can happen in four weeks.

If you commit to one or two of the monthly goals I’ve listed here, by March you could easily be a couple of steps closer to being more productive, publishing your first book, or having a healthy lifestyle. Whatever is your main goal!

1. Read four classics

Do you feel like you should read at least a few of those books that frequent those “100 books you should read before you you die” lists?

Challenge yourself to read one classic per week this month. Classics tend to be classics for a reason and this can be an especially fun goal if you haven’t read any books in a long time.

2. Start getting up one hour earlier

If you are an early bird or at least someone who feels the most productive in the morning, this is a good goal for you.

Waking up earlier will give you more time to get things done in peace and quiet and when you still have all your energy. Try it for one month and see how much more you get done!

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3. Plant-based challenge

If you would like to eat healthier and maybe consume fewer animal products, why not do a plant-based challenge?

Simply commit to a plant-based diet for the month of February and see if that is the right kind of diet for you. You might discover new great recipes or maybe a new favorite vegetable.

4. Write 1500 words every day

If you are an aspiring writer, what you need to do the most is to write. Making writing a daily habit will help you become a better writer and maybe even finish some of your writing projects.

Start writing 1500 words each day, whether it’s an online article, an essay, or your first manuscript.

And even if you’re not planning on becoming a published author one day, writing can still be a great habit. Do it for one month and see what happens!

5. Learn touch typing

Learning to touch type is convenient and it can be a very valuable skill in some jobs. You can write much faster by not looking at the keyboard while you type.

While the beginning may be frustrating, you can make a lot of progress in one month. If you want to choose this goal, check out TypingClub to get started.

6. Start a 5-minute journal

Journaling is a great habit, as it helps you reflect on your life and take a few minutes to yourself with your thoughts.

If you don’t have too much time to spare or you don’t want to write simply whatever comes to your mind, a five minute journal is the perfect choice for you. It comes with simple writing prompts that will help you reflect and be more grateful.

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7. Put everything in its place after using

If you’re constantly losing your things and wasting time looking for your keys or your phone, this goal is for you.

All you need to do is to start putting everything in its place after use. Your home will be tidier, you will save some time and you no longer have to lose your things.

8. Learn to make bread

Learning new skills is fun and this one is useful too! Set a goal of making your own bread this month and by the end of February, you might have already aced a couple of recipes!

This is one of those things that might sound too time-consuming at first, but once you learn how to do it, it can turn out to be very simple!

9. Declutter your social media

When you open Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok, how do you feel? Do you feel joy, excitement, inspiration, annoyance, anger, or hopelessness?

Social media is supposed to be fun and make you feel good. If it doesn’t, you need to unfollow the accounts that don’t serve you and stop engaging with content that makes you feel worse.

If you watch content that annoys you, the algorithm will just show more of that content to you and you’ll just end up being even more annoyed.

10. Learn to dance

Have you ever thought that it would be fun to know how to dance? Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking classes or dreaming that you could glide over the dancefloor like a real professional?

Why not make that a reality? You can easily learn the very basics in a month and you might even find a new hobby!

11. Switch to decaf

For many people, morning coffee is a mandatory part of getting ready for the day. And possibly getting through the afternoon. But your habit of drinking a couple of cups a day might explain your sleeping problems.

If you think coffee has any negative effects on you, start drinking decaffeinated coffee or quit altogether. You might start sleeping much better in a matter of days!

12. Start eating healthier breakfasts

Even if breakfast technically isn’t the most important meal of the day, it sure is the most important meal of the morning. So you need to make it count.

Set a goal to start eating healthier and more fulfilling breakfasts that will maintain your energy till lunch. This will both make you feel better and help you be more efficient. The difference can be remarkable if you usually just eat some toast or cereal!


Which February goals are you going to set? Are you feeling ambitious or will you play it safe by choosing one or two simple goals? Let me know in the comments!

And don’t forget that creating clear and simple habits makes reaching your monthly goals much easier. You need to know what exactly you are supposed to do and when, and then simply stick to your habits. That way reaching your February goals will be a breeze!

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  • Sedzani
    January 31, 2023 at 6:45 pm

    I am definitely taking up plant based diet challenge, something I have always wanted to try but now it makes more sense to do it. Thanks for the beautiful suggestions

    • Nina
      January 31, 2023 at 7:55 pm

      Awesome to hear! Good luck with the challenge and I hope you’ll find some great recipes!


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